The Story

The story of AIM is one that started back in June of 1978, when Johnny and Debbie were married and shortly after became the pastor of a small church over 3 hours from their home in Ft Worth ,Tx.

From that starting point, 41 years later, they found themselves in the crossroads of “What is next, Lord?” With this prayer being offered up to the Father in Heaven, they found themselves receiving the answer while visiting in the home of Glenn and Jackie Sheppard on a small sheep farm in Kansas City, Mo.

Being “learners” of revival and prayer movements, they journeyed to K.C. to visit a prayer meeting that had been going on for over 17 years, at a site called The International House of Prayer.  Little did they know that the Lord would speak a word of direction to them, not at the prayer meeting, but out by a sheep pen.  

Early Wednesday morning of that week, Johnny went out to pray and learn the lessons of the sheep. Of course, when you are learning about sheep, you must read Psalm 23. After reading this Psalm, the Lord lead Johnny to read Psalm 24. The purpose was to know that the Lord was his Shepherd and his King!  Following the 24th, the Lord said to read Psalm 25 with the question, “Being that the Lord is my Shepherd King,  what is my response to Him?”  I will trust You, God.  Show me Your ways.  Teach me Your paths.  Lead me into truth for I trust in You.

Johnny began to pray these things and the Lord spoke very clearly, “It is time to leave the pastorate.”  He replied, “Lord,  you’re  going to have to speak this to Debbie.” The Lord said that was not a problem!  With no word of this spoken to Debbie, she began writing what the Lord was saying to her during her Bible study and prayer time.  The words were clear.  They had finished the work in the pastorate and it was time for something new.  Debbie came from her time with the Lord and shared with Johnny the word given to her. It was the same as Johnny had received!

They knew something new was coming but did not know what it was to be.

The word “assignment”, kept coming up and gradually the Lord revealed His plans to form Assignment International Ministries or AIM.